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Buying Joy: <em>Happy Money</em>, Co-Written By Elizabeth Dunn, Is Out Today!
Economics | May 14, 2013

Buying Joy: Happy Money, Co-Written By Elizabeth Dunn, Is Out Today!

When it comes to saving and investing money, most people enlist professionals to help them do it effectively. With spending, however, most of us just wing it. According to research found in the new book by economics speaker Elizabeth Dunn, however, there is a science to spending just as there is for saving. And, if you follow the 5 principles she lays out in Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending (just released today) you'll find that you can buy your way to a happier outlook on life. Co-written with Michael Norton, Happy Money shows us how we can leverage our purchases to improve our mood and make us happier. Their advice—ranging from choosing to spend money on experiences over items, to spending on others rather than yourself—was obtained from a breadth of research. Her tips are applicable not only to individual spending habits—but to businesses as well.

Here's what some of the reviews are saying about Happy Money so far:

"University of British Columbia psychology professor Dunn and Harvard Business School marketing professor Norton, friends from graduate school, offer a witty, lively guide to changing the philosophy behind spending so that it brings you true joy.... Readers cannot help but be charmed by this funny, warm guide to creating the good life from scratch."
 —Publishers Weekly

"This small, snappily written book is focused on five points, all directed at enabling people to get more bang for their bucks... Buy [this] book, read [it], take the advice [it] offer[s] to heart, and you’ll be a happier person."
Barry Schwartz, Los Angeles Review of Books

"If you think money doesn't buy happiness, then you're just not spending it right. In this lively and engaging book, Dunn and Norton use the latest scientific research to show how you can get a bigger emotional bang for your hard-earned bucks. HAPPY MONEY isn't a purchase; it's an investment—and a shrewd one at that."
Dan Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness

"No one understands how to get more happiness out of our money better than Liz Dunn and Mike Norton. Their research is not only on the cutting edge — it changes where the edge is. Like stand-up comedians of science, Dunn and Norton take ordinary observations that everybody experiences and craftily distill them with a clarity that makes us laugh, and then makes us think. They have done us a great service by sharing their knowledge with us in the easy-to-apply principles they present in this book."
Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational

" ...Wise and entertaining... moves beyond whether money makes you happy to how and what spending and lifestyle choices affect your well-being. Dunn and Norton provide practical and well-evidenced insights for all of us, from individuals, to communities, to governments."
David Halpern, author of The Hidden Wealth of Nations
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