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150 Years: Ta-Nehisi Coates On Post-Emancipation Proclamation America
Diversity | February 21, 2013

150 Years: Ta-Nehisi Coates On Post-Emancipation Proclamation America

2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, and Ta-Nehisi Coates recently discussed its impact on the current state of racial equality in America. Coates, one of the most heralded and unique voices on black America, also gave a keynote at Dickinson College in Carlisle in commemoration of the anniversary. In the talk, the diversity speaker explored the legacy of the Civil War and Lincoln's signing of the Proclamation, and how these events have impacted contemporary American social and racial dynamics. Known for his popular writing in The Atlantic, and as the author of The Beautiful Struggle, Coates is also currently working on his first novel about an interracial family in pre-Civil War Virginia.

In an interview given before the talk, Coates explained that despite having made great strides forward, there are still underlying issues in social policy that need to be addressed in the country. There are more opportunities for black Americans today than in the 1800s, but the "ghosts" of social policies that reinforce the degradation of non-white citizens still linger today. The best way to combat these issues, Coates says, is to fight policy with policy.

In the interview, and in his highly regarded talks, Coates tells us that we have to be our own custodians for change. We have start the conversation as citizens before we can expect those in power to rework policy. What advice does he give to those looking to be leaders in driving this conversation forward? "Do your best to educate yourself," he says in the interview. "That sounds like a small thing—but it is not a small thing." Not only that, but Coates says that "this is about a trans-generational struggle. It happens with small, hard, steps with a lot of failure in between." We can't expect everything to change overnight, he tells us, but we also can't discount the small victories we achieve along the way.
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