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Let Go Of Value Judgments: Alexandra Samuel On Memory & The Internet [VIDEO]
Digital and Social Media | March 19, 2013

Let Go Of Value Judgments: Alexandra Samuel On Memory & The Internet [VIDEO]

"I feel like so much of the fear and criticism around the internet is [that] 'it's different from how my relationships have always worked, it's different from how my memory has worked, it's different from how I've always read'" digital media speaker Alexandra Samuel says in an interview at Lavin. "Different sometimes is better, sometimes it's worse, and sometimes—it's just different." In an increasingly digitized world, the way we process information, as well as the way we interact with and remember products, is changing. While we may not remember something related to a digital experience the same way we do a physical one, that doesn't mean that one way is necessarily better than the other. "We need to let go of the value judgement," Samuel says.

Instead of debating whether the internet and digital tools are eroding the way that we interact, we should take the changes for what they are. Embrace the good that comes from these advancements, Samuel argues, and "love your life online", as well as offline. In her role as the Vice President of Social Media at Vision Critical and in her keynotes, Samuel provides meaningful analysis on how to navigate the massive societal shifts created by new digital technologies. She helps audiences budget their time both online and offline, and helps increace productivity in their professional and personal lives.
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