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Andrew Bailey: Social Capital Is Crucial To Effective Digital Marketing [VIDEO]
Digital and Social Media | February 25, 2013

Andrew Bailey: Social Capital Is Crucial To Effective Digital Marketing [VIDEO]

The Royal Family has one. So does the Vatican. And, as digital marketing speaker Andrew Bailey says in a new keynote, you should have one too. A social media strategy, that is. "What's so interesting about this time is that [so many] of the consumers are there [online]," Bailey says of the impact of social media. Currently the Chairman of Proximity North America, Bailey explains that the numbers and penetration of the digital market has grown exponentially over the past ten years—and those who are succeeding are those who know how to harness this potential. It's no surprise that social media has become such an influential entity, but Bailey explains that it is important to not only acknowledge its relevance, but to also use it to your advantage.

These ubiquitous platforms exist to allow companies and consumers to interact in a way like never before, he says. However, the technology that allows us to do that is not what's important. What matters, he notes in the keynote presentation, is social capital and not technical capital. The ability to communicate with your customers (and them with you), and their ability to share ideas and interact with other customers, is changing the face of marketing. Social media and mobile technology allows for instant two-way communication—something Bailey teaches audiences to capitalize on in his keynotes. He has worked with big name companies like Visa, P&G, HP, Mars, Campbell’s, and BlackBerry where he has applied his insight on consumer behavior to help these companies grow and innovate.
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