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Dave Eggers and Education Speaker Ninive Calegari Screen <em>American Teacher</em> [VIDEO]
Public Education | October 19, 2012

Dave Eggers and Education Speaker Ninive Calegari Screen American Teacher [VIDEO]

The documentary American Teacher—co-produced by education speaker Ninive Calegari—is still screening and still having an impact, almost a year after its initial release. Narrated by Matt Damon, Teacher is “a film about education that gets it exactly right” (The Washington Post). In California this week, Calegari held a special viewing for the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation, followed by a lively Q&A. Joining her was Jonathan Dearman and Dave Eggers, the author with whom she co-founded 826 National, and who told us, via email, that Calegari was “as authentic and convincing as ever.” “The film taps into the urgent need to bring change to the public school system in California and across the country,” added SVEF executive director Laura Zimmerman.

American Teacher, directed by Oscar winner Vanessa Roth, does indeed tap into some urgent questions: Why do teachers have such low social status relative to other (arguably less necessary) professions? How do we convince our best and brightest to join the teaching force, knowing that a large percentage of our teachers are primed to retire in the next decade? How did American public education fall so far behind, so quickly, and how can we correct course, starting now? In an ebullient post-event email, Calegari wrote, “You have never met a kinder audience. Even with the 49ers game and the Giants in the playoffs, SVEF gathered a big crowd in a gorgeous theater. The superintendent introduced the film saying it was ‘poignant’ and that she’d watched it four times. After the screening, guests wanted to know how they could get us on talk shows and how to get the film seen by everyone in the country!” If you’d like to arrange for Ninive Calegari to give one of her keynotes on public education, please call us today. She’d be more than happy to screen the film, too! We can’t think of a more important movie for “everyone in this country” to see. (Watch the trailer for the film, above)
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