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Restaurateur Of The Year: Cora Tsouflidou "Inspires" Audiences On Stage
Leadership | February 08, 2013

Restaurateur Of The Year: Cora Tsouflidou "Inspires" Audiences On Stage

It wasn't easy, but leadership speaker Cora Tsouflidou transformed her local Montreal eatery into a booming national chain of healthy breakfast restaurants. With over 130 stores in the Cora chain to date, it's no surprise that she was recently honored with the ORN Restaurateur of the Year award. As well as being commemorated for her breakthrough success, Tsouflidou also shared her tips on successful entrepreneurship in a keynote that attendees called "inspiring." At the event (the 39th Top Management Night Gala) Tsouflidou said that there are five main pillars of success: creativity, focus, hard work, a dash of doubt, and commitment.

A 25-year veteran in the industry, she says that despite the hard times, she enjoyed her journey and still has a deep passion for what she does even today. "It’s a beautiful arena to express yourself," she tells the crowd, "Be ready for the adventure." A natural storyteller, Tsouflidou is at ease in front of a crowd. She shares hard-hitting business lessons with genuine words of encouragement—inspiring audiences to achieve their goals while providing them with practical advice on how to get there.
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