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Only In Florida: A New College Keynote From Carl Hiaasen [VIDEO]
College | April 15, 2013

Only In Florida: A New College Keynote From Carl Hiaasen [VIDEO]

In a new college keynote that Carl Hiaasen delivered to the students of Florida International University, the author and popular satirist proved he's just as funny on the stage as he is on the page. A long-term resident of the Sunshine State, as well as a columnist and investigative reporter for the Miami Herald, Hiaasen is a prominent voice on life in Florida. In this hilarious and insightful speech, Hiaasen showed students the Florida that he sees: absurd, a bit seedy, and naturally beautiful.

In an hour long presentation, Hiaasen regaled the students with ridiculous and nearly unbelievable tales of the bizarre behavior that's common in South Florida. From a man who sued the government for removing alligators from his bedroom, to the seemingly never ending scandals surrounding the state's voting practices, to the infamous Florida Toxic Tush Doctor who used to complete surgery using super glue, some of Hiaasen's stories are even stranger than fiction. So strange, in fact, that he jokes he wouldn't even be able to package them into a book proposal because they're too outrageous. And that's saying something, seeing as Hiaasen makes a valiant effort to incorporate some of the most outlandish Florida occurrences into his scathingly spot-on satirical novels.

Hiaasen has a new novel due out this June, Bad Monkey, which transforms the kind of quirky and corrupt characters he comes across while working at the Herald into fictional villains. Drawing from real life events, he embellishes the scenarios into a wildly funny tale filled with monkeys, Medicare fraud, and revenge. The recipient of dozens of awards for his writing, his unique "Hiaasenesque" style is irreverent with a subtle nod of adoration to the state he has made his home. With decades worth of material to draw from, Hiaasen tailors his speeches to his audience and presents a unique view of this intriguing slice of America.
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