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The Lavin Blog's Ben Rattray, on Leadership, Passion, and Problems Worth Solving
30 SECOND MBA | August 31, 2012's Ben Rattray, on Leadership, Passion, and Problems Worth Solving

“The best way to be an effective leader is to be incredibly passionate about what you're working on,” Ben Rattray tells Fast Company. Rattray is a member of the Time 100 for 2012, and he’s the founder and CEO of—an organization that is all about passion, from its dedicated staff to the millions of engaged users who turn to the site to post and respond to the social causes listed there.

In a new  “30 Second MBA,” the social change speaker and entrepreneur said, “I deeply believe, personally, that [effective leadership] comes best when you're working on some of the world's biggest problems—problems worth solving.” Rattray employs this strategy himself; helping thousands tackle the biggest social issues of the day—LGBT issues, corporate transparency, violence, personal debt—through’s platform.

Rattray has leveraged the power of the Internet to bring people together and enact positive social change—something he often talks about in his conference speeches. Having a vested interest in the work that you're doing, especially when you’re steering a company, is really important, Rattray says.
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