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Alex Steffen's<em> Carbon Zero</em>: Reimagining the Cities of the Future
Environment | November 12, 2012

Alex Steffen's Carbon Zero: Reimagining the Cities of the Future

Many world leaders have started talking seriously about the importance of shifting to carbon neutral cities. However, as Alex Steffen explains in his new book Carbon Zero: Imagining Cities That Can Save The Planet, there's still a gap between identifying what has to be done—and knowing how to do it. Launched as a Kickstarter project, the idea for the book was so popular that it received nearly double the funding needed to get it off the ground. Already out in limited release for the donors who helped bring it from Kickstarter to the bookshelf, the book will be widely released on Steffen's website in the very near future.

The book explores the meaning of carbon neutrality, why it's important, and how we can modify existing systems to create cities that are more sustainable. As the world's leading Green Futurist, Steffen argues that the current climate crisis has made the move toward sustainable living more essential than ever. At his popular sustainability website, (which has since spawned a book, Worldchanging 2.0, that is poised for an updated, re-release this coming spring), Steffen provides solutions-based thinking about some of the most important environmental concerns facing our planet today. He also presents this forward-thinking, results-based attitude in his keynotes. Steffen not only provides us with the knowledge that we need to make changes now—but also arms us with the tools to move toward a greener and more sustainable future.
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