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Bruce Philp: How Long Until Companies Stop Caring About Social Media?
Consumer Republic | May 06, 2011

Bruce Philp: How Long Until Companies Stop Caring About Social Media?

Right now, corporations are obsessed with social media,
says Bruce Philp. But what these companies are measuring—and what they’ll soon find out—is how much social media affects the bottom line, how much it matters. Philp, who has consulted with some of the world’s biggest brands, including ING Direct, tells us that the attentive level of care companies provide via social media may not last. It all depends on whether they see any value between their social media efforts and increased sales. Which means that we’ve already entered a crucial stage in the (relatively young) history of social media.

Bruce Philp is a soft-spoken and deeply intelligent branding speaker who, among many accomplishments, helped create the ING Direct brand, making it the moral compass for all of the company’s subsequent leadership decisions. (You can read about it—it’s quite fascinating—in The Orange Code, co-authored with Arkadi Kuhlmann.) His latest book is Consumer Republic, about how consumers are finally realizing the awesome power they hold over brands. Philp argues that brands, which are expensive to create and maintain, are one of the most powerful tools we can use to hold companies accountable to the public. But instead of a challenge to big brands, Philp says, this is really an opportunity.

The video above was taped at the Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau offices in Toronto.

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