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Blake Mycoskie is "Character Approved": TOMS Shoes Founder is Changing the Face of American Culture
Awards | March 03, 2011

Blake Mycoskie is "Character Approved": TOMS Shoes Founder is Changing the Face of American Culture

TOMS shoes founder and Lavin speaker Blake Mycoskie has been named as a 2011 USA Network Character Approved honoree, along with singer Janelle Monae, filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, chef Grant Achatz, and eight others. The award “honor[s] the real characters who are changing the face of American Culture”, and celebrates those that influence, inspire, and innovate. Blake Mycoskie was a natural choice for the award:

From USA’s Character Approved:
Just over four years ago, Blake Mycoskie had the vision, ambition and guts to create one of the most innovative and socially responsible retail companies in the country. He pioneered the one-for-one, sell/give-away concept with TOMS Shoes. Under his direction, TOMS has made being stylish and philanthropic easy and affordable—buy a pair of TOMS shoes for yourself, and a pair of shoes will also be donated to a child in need. Earlier this year, the organization reached a significant milestone, giving away its millionth pair of shoes. That is an extraordinary accomplishment, and one that makes Mycoskie unequivocally Character Approved.
As a speaker, Mycoskie inspires audiences the world over with his authenticity, passion and vitality. Whether in the TOMS offices, on a TOMS “shoe drop” or on stage, Mycoskie is helping to change the face of American culture — one pair of shoes at a time.

Be sure to catch the Character Approved: Honoring 12 Cultural Trailblazers documentary on Tuesday March 8 at 11/10c on the USA Network.

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