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Be The Change: Tzeporah Berman Argues For New Laws On Sustainability
Environment | November 23, 2012

Be The Change: Tzeporah Berman Argues For New Laws On Sustainability

"We don't just need better light bulbs," Tzeporah Berman says of the environmental movement, "we need better laws." In a keynote event titled "Be The Change," Berman spoke about the current state of our environmental practices and how saving the planet will require collective action at the policy level—not just at the personal level. Part of The Writer's Festival, the event also saw Berman reading passages from her book, This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge. As Berman explains in the talk, there is a divide between what we say we will do to help the environment, and the actions we actually take. While it's good to take steps individually to make a difference, the real changes will take place when we come together and make wide scale institutional changes.

Berman is a leading voice for the clean energy movement. She is the former Executive Director and Co-founder of PowerUp Canada and Co-founder and Campaign Director of ForestEthics. She has helped draft environmental procurement policies for some of the world's largest corporations and government agencies, and has been instrumental in protecting forests across the country and enacting new policies to sustain their viability in the future. She is currently a strategic advisor on climate and energy policy, oil sands, and related pipeline debates. In her passionate keynotes, Berman tells audiences how to make better use of the resources at our disposal now—and urges us to ensure that those resources will survive for the generations of the future.
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