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Cause Marketing: Wind Mobile CEO Anthony Lacavera Launches a New Campaign
Marketing | January 25, 2011

Cause Marketing: Wind Mobile CEO Anthony Lacavera Launches a New Campaign

Anthony Lacavera, the entrepreneur and speaker who has revolutionized the Canadian wireless industry, believes that the way to attract customers is by representing something other than the status quo. Since its entry into the wireless market, that is what Wind Mobile, his company, has done. By actively engaging in conversations with their customers and championing top-down transparency, Lacavera and Wind have proven that 21st century business is as much about creating brand ambassadors as it is about anything else.

A recent report from The Globe and Mail details Wind’s newest charitable effort — a $100,000 donation to be chosen by five public figures (who will also provide a 10-minute phone call to a lucky Wind subscriber) as well as six more $100,000 donations to be given to charities determined by an online vote. Lacavera also shares his views on 21st century business that make him such an in-demand speaker.

From The Globe:
As an upstart in an industry dominated by rich incumbents – Wind says it has “north of a quarter-million” subscribers, while the three main national carriers each has more than eight million – the company must do what it can to grab people’s attention. “In today’s world, advertising is not having the same impact it used to have,” Mr. Lacavera explained during an interview after the event. “It is about cause marketing, it is about social innovation, and it is a lot more about PR.”

“I think you’re going to see more and more of this happening. The idea of trying to tell people, ‘Buy my product for this price, with product guarantees’ – that’s no longer selling people.”
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