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Andrew Bailey: Social Brands Matter to The Bottom Line
Marketing | November 23, 2012

Andrew Bailey: Social Brands Matter to The Bottom Line

Andrew Bailey is a revolutionary of the digital marketing world. A new Lavin speaker, Bailey is the Chairman of Proximity North America—an agency that combines digital and direct expertise with extensive knowledge of consumer data. It's part of a global agency network of more that 60 offices and 2,000 employees worldwide. In an interview with Ad Fed, Bailey talked about his views on advertising in the digital medium, and the marketers he admires most. “I really respect Proctor & Gamble. They are some of the smartest marketers out there...Many of our clients like HP, Frito Lay, Campbell’s and Monster fall into this same category," say Bailey. "Aside from smarts and alignment on our values and culture, these are marketers who are very in tune with changing consumer behavior and the role that digital can play in doing so."

From 2005-2011, Bailey was President and CEO of Proximity Canada. During that time, he grew his team from 28 to 200. Now, as Chairman, Bailey has his sights set on growing the network in Canada and the United States. In sought-after talks, Bailey points to the campaigns and marketers that are successfully using social media and digital technology to gain ground and attract consumers. He helps us understand the needs of today's consumer, and outlines what it takes to become a social brand—and how to manage and leverage that brand. With real life examples and personal research, Bailey explains how social media is changing product launches for brands worldwide, and what it means for your company. "Conventional media is going to get squeezed in ways we haven’t yet in the next 12 to 18 months,” Bailey says. “Innovation will be critical to capitalize on this change.”
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